Air Freight Services

Shipping goods by air is the fastest and most efficient way to transport cargo. As an experienced air freight forwarder, our dedicated team provides you with solutions across an extensive network of cargo hubs around the globe. 

Air freight’s fast delivery times make it an essential option for coordinating time-sensitive deliveries worldwide.

Advantages of Air Freight

Compared to sea, road or rail transport, air freight is the fastest possible shipping solution. The global reach and regular departures of airlines mean you can rely on your anticipated delivery time. As the shipping time is short, insurance premiums are lower. Air freight offers the highest levels of security for your goods, as airports provide strict controls on cargo. Customs controls are faster, and handlers at major hubs and airports are highly efficient, meaning goods are cleared in a matter of hours. Faster transit times also mean less reliance on local warehousing.

Air Freight Import and Export

As an air freight forwarder, Atlantic Forwarding has provided a dedicated and reliable service to its customers since 1979. Our in-house experience and strong relationships with carriers ensure that we provide you with a flexible and reliable air freight services that matches your unique business needs.

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Packing and crating

As you would expect from an air freight forwarder, we offer a comprehensive packing and crating service for your shipment. Rely on us to ensure that your goods are safely and correctly packed for their journey.

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Pickup and delivery

On either side of the flight, we will ensure that your shipment is collected and delivered to the specified location at the desired time.

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Valuable Cargo

Certain types of cargo require a unique air freight solution. Choosing the wrong air freight forwarder can lead to damage, delays and disappointment. Our experience and dedication guarantee that valuable cargo is always safely dispatched and received.

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Delays in clearing customs are inconvenient and expensive. Whatever your destination, our experience as an air freight forwarder means that we deliver the fastest possible clearance for your shipment in total compliance with local regulations.

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Documentation service

Red tape stress is eliminated as we ensure that your shipments receive the correct import and export documentation.

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Track and trace

Need to know exactly where your shipment is at a given moment? Our A-COP system provides multiple views and options to continuously track your cargo throughout the shipment. For accurate and continuously updated event data we work with the most sophisticated tools and collaborate with qualified partners.

Track & Trace Your Air Freight

Atlantic Forwarding has developed an in-house IT platform that provides comprehensive coverage of every area of the ordering and shipping process. From order confirmation to the final delivery of your shipment, our bespoke technology provides on demand secure access to a wide range of valuable services as well as dedicated customer support.

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