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Straight forward communication channels to talk to our staff at any stage of the shipment. After each contact, a summary will be provided, consisting of relevant information and links to quickly and efficiently identify the order, as well as the shipment.

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Purchase Order Management

Automatic purchase order monitoring, based on shipping/arrival windows, defined by customers. Orders can be accessed or updated easily and at any time during the booking or the shipping process.

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Track & Trace

A-COP provides multiple views and options to continuously track cargo through the entire life cycle of a shipment.

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File & Export Management

Files can be generated and printed directly from A-COP. The option to upload and link files to shipments, makes filing easy and efficient. Data can be sorted and filtered according to variables, as well as exported to allow further processing for the purpose of reporting.

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Alerts & Notifications

Automatic notifications and alerts, referring to various milestones, can be set up to meet a customer’s needs and requirements. They contain all the relevant shipment data and links to enable easy and efficient access to additional details for each consignment.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

This electronic communication method provides standard, as well as customized interfaces for exchanging data via any electronic means. Available on request only.

A-COP Highlights

Take advantage of our super-secure, custom web-based software system. No installations, downloads or upgrades needed. Enjoy on-demand cloud computing technology, which enables you to access services any time, any place and from any internet device – 24/7. Upload and download files, track your cargo and shipment, receive automatic notifications and alerts, and communicate with us directly.

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