Rail Freight

Reliability and compliance are critical for rail transport. As a Swiss company Atlantic Forwarding combines Swiss efficiency with the personal dedication to customers. Our solutions combine our experience, innovation, in-house technology and first-class customer service to ensure unrivalled accuracy from the moment you place your order to the moment your shipment arrives at its final destination.

Advantages of Rail transport

Compared to sea freight and air freight, when available rail transport is a reliable and greener shipping solution that reduces your costs as well as your CO2 emissions. Your shipments count with consistent transit times and higher predictability due to fix railway timetables. Shipping times compared to air are longer, but the costs are lower. Rail transport offers the highest levels of security for your goods. Customs controls are fast, and handlers at major hubs are highly efficient, meaning goods are cleared in a matter of hours.

Services Offered

Our services and knowledge of rail network means you can be certain that your shipment will reach its end destination in the most efficient way possible door to door. Next to full containers we also offer general cargo groupage LCL services. Please consult the Atlantic Forwarding office near you for further information or contact us through the contact form.

Silkroad Atlantic Forwarding Railway Services China Europe

Since 1979 the route between Asia and Europe has been one of our core competences. With the introduction of the “One Belt, One Road” we have added the Atlantic Forwarding Innovative Rail Service to our product offer. Containers travel from the supplier’s cargo railway station to that of the buyer, crossing Russian and Central Asian territories within a reasonable transit time, and at a competitive price.

Yiwu, in China’s eastern Zhejiang province, serves as a hub for rail transport in China connecting the cities across the Chinese network (Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Lianyungang, Xian and Baoji) with European hubs such as London, Madrid, Hamburg, Duisburg, Paris, Berlin, Lyon, Warsaw, Prague, Helsinki and Moscow.


These are some of the benefits that using Atlantic Forwarding’s Silkroad railway services China Europe will bring to your business:

  • Up to 35% capital cost savings through shorter running times.
  • Greater flexibility for your shipments (final destinations, fine distribution and rolling stock). Europe is 85 % accessible.
  • Risk reduction through state-of-the-art monitoring along the entire route.
  • Cargo Mix Rail/Sea means better performance of your supply chain.


Atlantic Forwarding is a member of the New Silk Road Network and experts in Forwarding 

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Packing and crating

As you would expect of a rail freight forwarder, Atlantic Forwarding offers a comprehensive packing and crating service for your shipment. Rely on us to ensure that your goods are safely and correctly packed for their journey.

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Pickup and delivery

On the shipper side as well as on the consignee side, Atlantic Forwarding will ensure that your shipment is collected and delivered to the specified location at the desired time.

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Valuable Cargo

Certain types of cargo require special attention. Choosing the wrong options for rail transport to China can lead to damage, delays and disappointment. Atlantic Forwarding’s experience and dedication guarantee that valuable cargo is always safely dispatched and received.

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Delays clearing customs are inconvenient and expensive. Our experience working with rail transport ensures that we deliver the fastest possible clearance for your shipment, and total compliance with local regulations.

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Documentation service

Red tape stress is eliminated as we ensure that your shipments receive the correct import and export documentation.

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Track and trace

Need to know exactly where your shipment is at a given moment? Our track and trace service lets you keep your stakeholders informed of the exact schedule of a shipment in real-time.

IT Solutions

Atlantic Forwarding has developed an in-house IT platform that provides comprehensive coverage of every area of the ordering and shipping process. From order confirmation to the final delivery of your rail shipment to China, our bespoke technology provides on demand secure access to a wide range of valuable services as well as dedicated customer support – 24/7.

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