Atlantic Forwarding Group has introduced a direct weekly LCL shipping service from Istanbul, Turkey to New York, United States. This comprehensive service will provide companies in Turkey with a reliable and convenient option to get their goods delivered to the US markets.

With a weekly schedule, companies can ensure that their regular shipments will reach US customers on time. The last stuffing date is every Wednesday, and the shipment is estimated to leave on the following Monday. The estimated time of arrival will be on Friday, three weeks from the departure date.

Haluk Yavuz, the Country Manager of Turkey comments: “Our local team of experienced sea freight forwarders is dedicated to helping you end-to-end of your shipping journey. In addition to moving your sea freight shipment, we also help with customs clearance and tariff classification, ensuring that your products are delivered safely to the destination.”

For more information about the weekly LCL shipping service, please contact our team in Turkey:
+90 216 606 42 00