Atlantic Forwarding Group is delighted to announce that it has been honored by Logistics & Transportation Review as one of the top 10 companies at the forefront of delivering exceptional freight forwarding services and making a significant impact in the marketplace.

This prestigious award recognizes our industry expertise and unwavering commitment to a customer-focused approach. The acknowledgment from Logistics & Transportation Review highlights our strengths: “Atlantic Forwarding Group’s expertise and quick execution, along with the ability to promptly respond to customer requests and adapt to changes within the supply chain or shipment journey, set Atlantic Forwarding Group apart from competitors.”

“We are honored to receive this recognition from Logistics & Transportation Review,” said Daniel Weissenberger, the CEO of Atlantic Forwarding Group. “It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our teams, the support of our partners, and the trust of our customers. We remain committed to providing tailored Freight Forwarding solutions and delivering  excellent customer service.”

As we celebrate this achievement, we express our gratitude to our teams, partners, and valued customers for their continuous support. It is through collaboration and trust that we are able to deliver high-quality services in all markets.

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Atlantic Forwarding Group:
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Are you looking for a reliable partner to assist you in transporting solar solutions? At Atlantic Forwarding Group, we are here to help you. We offer a wide range of flexible international logistics services specifically tailored to meet the needs of solar businesses.

Whether you are a small business or a larger organization, we understand that each company has its unique requirements. That’s where our experienced freight forwarding team comes in. We take care of the entire process on your behalf; searching for the optimal logistic solutions, identifying the most efficient routes, handling the necessary paperwork, and securing suitable warehousing services – all in alignment with your business needs.

No matter the size or complexity of your shipments, we partner with you to get them smoothly to their destinations, end to end.

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Are you looking for a reliable partner to assist you in transporting dangerous goods by air? At Atlantic Forwarding Group, we can help you. We offer a wide range of air freight services, including the transportation of dangerous goods and materials.

Recognizing the importance of handling such shipments with the utmost care, our dedicated in-house team has undergone all required training and possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure safe and secure air transportation of your dangerous goods, fully complying with all IATA and local regulations.

We will work closely with you to find a flexible and reliable solution that best matches your specific business needs, delivering your shipment quickly and efficiently to its end destination.

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Atlantic Forwarding Group is pleased to introduce a new door-to-door shipping service from India to Africa. If you are looking to expand your business into African markets or need to make regular shipments, this new route offers you a new reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

From less than container loads (LCL) to large, full container loads (FCL), we deliver your products from door to door, ensuring that they are taken care of throughout the journey. As an experienced freight forwarder, we also help you with customs clearance and compliance with local regulations. Furthermore, you can track your shipments in real-time, having transparency on the exact schedules.

Saradha Sundaram, Country Manager of India comments: “We are excited to introduce this new direct route from India to Africa. It provides companies in India with reliable and efficient access to reach their customers in 48 countries across Africa. We look forward to working with our existing customers and new ones and are committed to providing the highest level of service.”


For more information, please contact our team in India:

Mrs. Saradha Sundaram
Country Manager / Sales Director
Atlantic Forwarding Group – India

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+91 44 4902 9500

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Atlantic Forwarding Group, a global Forwarder is pleased to announce the appointment of Christoph Ritt as the new Chief Financial Officer reporting directly to the CEO. Chris will succeed Marco Iulita, who is leaving the company in April 2023.

Chris joined Atlantic Forwarding Group in 2022 and brings with him over 20 years of experience in various executive roles across industries including logistics, transport, supply chain, and operations. Previously, Chris has held senior roles at DHL, Agility, Panalpina, Syngenta, and Novartis, and is well-positioned to take on this new challenge.

Commenting on the appointment, Daniel Weissenberger, CEO of Atlantic Forwarding Group said: “We are delighted to have Chris as our new CFO. With his extensive experience and leadership skills Chris is a great addition to our global team, and I am looking forward to working closely together. I will also take this opportunity to thank Marco for all his work and contribution over the past years, and I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.”

Chris Ritt comments: “I am honored to take on this role as CFO and very excited about the opportunities ahead of us to support the company’s long-term objectives. We have a great team in place with full potential, and I look forward to working closely with Daniel and the entire team to build the business further.”

About Atlantic Forwarding Group
Since 1979, Atlantic Forwarding Group has delivered cargo effectively and efficiently to any location in the world. Progressing from a small thriving Swiss forwarder to a significant global company, we’ve enjoyed rapid and continual growth, enabling us to expand to all continents. We provide international transport solutions for freight, including sea freight, air freight, rail freight, multi-modal, and warehousing & distribution.

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Atlantic Forwarding Group has introduced a direct weekly LCL shipping service from Istanbul, Turkey to New York, United States. This comprehensive service will provide companies in Turkey with a reliable and convenient option to get their goods delivered to the US markets.

With a weekly schedule, companies can ensure that their regular shipments will reach US customers on time. The last stuffing date is every Wednesday, and the shipment is estimated to leave on the following Monday. The estimated time of arrival will be on Friday, three weeks from the departure date.

Haluk Yavuz, the Country Manager of Turkey comments: “Our local team of experienced sea freight forwarders is dedicated to helping you end-to-end of your shipping journey. In addition to moving your sea freight shipment, we also help with customs clearance and tariff classification, ensuring that your products are delivered safely to the destination.”

For more information about the weekly LCL shipping service, please contact our team in Turkey:
+90 216 606 42 00

What happens if my goods are confiscated?…

Better be insured!


Why do I need this?

Very often this risk is excluded in General Insurance Policies.

What does it cover?

In amendment to Article 6 of the GCMI 2006, loss of or damage to the insured goods as a result of confiscation, seizure or retention by a government, authority or power are also insured.

What do I need to do?

The goods accompanying documents (e.g. consignment note, customs declaration, etc.) have been properly issued and the insured goods have been declared accurately and correctly

All legal import, export and transit regulations or administrative orders of the sender, transit and recipient country are complied with.

What can I expect?

In addition to loss and damage the insurer shall reimburse customs, freight and storage costs incurred in connection with the confiscation, seizure or retention of the goods.

How much does it cost?

It is an additional on top of the Standard Transport insurance premium. Please consult your Atlantic Forwarding representative or make a request directly to

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Since 1979 the route between Asia and Europe has been one of our core competences. With the introduction of the “One Belt, One Road” we have added the Atlantic Innovative Rail Service to our product offer. Containers travel from the supplier’s cargo railway station to that of the buyer, crossing Russian and Central Asian territories within a reasonable transit time, and at a competitive price.


  • Rail freight from China / Europe / China
  • Door to Door
  • 40′ FCL and 20′ FCL in Pairs
  • LCL
  • FCL & LCL Direct Routing to different locations in Europe


  • Environment protection by reduction of CO2 emission
  • Transit time Door to Door China / Europe 25 to 27 days
  • Lead-time saving reduces order delivery time
  • Up to 35% capital cost savings through shorter running times
  • Europe is 85 % accessible. For you this means greater flexibility (final destinations, fine distribution and rolling stock)
  • Final destination is changeable during transit
  • Cargo Mix Rail/Sea means better performance of your supply chain
  • High level security tracing minimum twice a day and physical guarding
  • Daily tracking information is available

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The effects of the climate change do not stop at the sea freight industry and therefore many shipping companies feel obliged to contribute to it. Atlantic Forwarding feels the obligation to inform our business partners about the changes related to our industry timely.


Regulations on reducing sulfur emissions are not new. They exist since 2012.

We already set regulations into practice, whereby shipping companies can use fuels with a sulfur content of max 3.5% but with a tighter sulfur cap of 0.1% in the so-called Emissions Control Areas (ECAs) around US, Canada, the North and Baltic Sea. By January 1, 2020, the new International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulation will enter into force, requiring carriers to use fuels with at most sulfur content of 0.5% (ECAs unchanged).


The emission targets have massive impact in the market of the sea freight industry. Therefore, the shipping companies face the following consequences:

  • New fuel: production of new fuel is required to reduce emissions, but the production is more expensive. In addition, this fuel is scarce. There are currently limited structural plans to increase global capacity, which may lead to a tight supply situation in 2019, as well as cost increasing effect.
  • Conversion of ship engines: current vessels must adjust with the installation of scrubbers. There is not enough manufacturing capacity to build and install scrubbers timely to retrofit the existing global fleet. This may cause capacity tightness in the market in 2019 and 2020 as vessels need to be retrofitted with scrubbers in 2019 or might have to be laid up in case not retrofitted before 2020.

Impact on market

The market price will be determined by the distribution of shipping companies opting for a low sulfur content or for new fuel or ship conversion (scrubbers) and the availability of both solutions.

Due to the reduction of new fuels and massive investments in ship conversion, we expect capacity reductions and an increase in market prices in the short and medium term.


  • Significantly higher fuel prices
  • Refineries to develop 0.5% sulfur fuel – an uncertain price, but more expensive than current fuels
  • Scrubber systems in most cases require dry docking, which results in lower capacity
  • High investments cost